To protect Californians, vote “no”

Gov. Newsom is the right choice to lead the state

I’m a Democrat, a Vietnam veteran, and a fully vaccinated longtime resident of Chico, and I’m voting no on the recall of California’s governor, Gavin Newsom.

COVID-19 is back and more contagious, and it goes after the unvaccinated. Unfortunately, some people have decided to forego vaccines, thereby spreading the virus that leads to unnecessary death, to prove a political point.

Every time I ask a young person if they know what an iron lung is, the answer is no. The fact that they’re ignorant of that is a success story of science and common sense, as every baby receives a polio vaccine.

Yet, the same people who abstain from COVID vaccines, therefore keeping the pandemic going, have shifted blame for the fallout on the governor.

Gov. Newsom was chosen in the 2018 general election by 62 percent of the population statewide, succeeding Gov. Jerry Brown. Both Brown and Newsom have come into Butte County (sometimes privately) to meet with firefighters, first responders, etc.

Newsom’s focus has been on COVID-19 (from getting Californians vaccinated to getting kids back into classrooms), and to prepare our resources for this year’s expected wildfires.

Bob Mulholland

A disgruntled Trump, his unvaccinated followers and the QAnon goons (on the FBI domestic terrorist watch list) decided to recall our governor. Meanwhile, Florida and Texas are overwhelmed with COVID-19 deaths (third and ninth highest weekly death rates in the nation per capita, respectively), because both Republican governors (Texas Gov. Greg Abbott got the virus) preach that masks are unnecessary. (California ranks 29th.)

Of Republicans, 60 percent say they want a Republican. What that means is they want someone like Trump. Their lead candidate, Larry Elder, just got accused by his now-former fiancée of getting high on pot and pointing a gun at her. Elder states that, if he becomes governor, teachers and health care workers will not wear masks. That’s the last thing California needs.

Let’s protect our community by defeating the recall, COVID-19 and the fires, so our firefighters, first responders and health care workers can get back to normal and spend time with their families. All voters received a ballot—simply vote no on question No. 1 and mail it back.

The author, a national campaign strategist, is secretary of the Chico Democrats.

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