How much for college cops?

Guest feature: Imagining Community covers student-led movement to defund police on California State University campuses

Chico State student Melys Bonifacio-Jerez, an intern for Students for a Quality Education on campus. (Photo by Guillermo Mash)

This radio segment (which originally aired on the Chico News & Review show on KZFR, 90.1FM) is a production of Imagining Community, a grassroots media and civic-engagement project. Hear more Imagining Community podcasts at

Guillermo Mash of Imagining Community interviews Ade Gutierrz-Diaz, Northern California Student Intern Coordinator for the California Faculty Association, and Chico State student activist Melys Bonifacio-Jerez of the Students for Quality Education organization about the movement to defund police departments in the California State University system.

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