Don’t tread on them

Take care on the trail; it’s rattlesnake season

Photo courtesy of United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

As temperatures rise, so does the prevalence of rattlesnakes in Bidwell Park. A press release from the City of Chico’s Public Works Department – Parks Division notes that rattlesnakes are a beneficial, natural part of the park and that they generally avoid contact with people or animals unless cornered or threatened. Nonetheless, all park visitors should use caution and follow some tips to avoid bad encounters:

• Wear hiking boots.
• Stay on designated trails.
• Avoid tall grass, weeds and heavy underbrush.
• Look ahead on the trail.
• Avoid stepping or putting your hands where you cannot see.
• Hike with a companion.
• Know that freshly killed snakes can still inject venom.

The California Department of Fish and Game offers more tips, such as never grab “sticks” or “branches” in lakes and rivers because rattlesnakes can swim. If bitten by a rattlesnake, call 911 and seek immediate medical attention.

For more information, contact the Parks Division at 896-7800 or

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  1. I visited Chico in early 80s and was so impressed with its art scene and the town’s atmosphere (it was Pioneer Week, lol), that I did what I was typically inclined to do in such circumstance and without a second thought, went home, packed my bags, then moved to Chico and assimilated into its culture. As an artist throughout all these years I was always happy and excited when it would grow and improve and disappointed when (IMO) it would wane. So I’m delighted and excited to be reading about bringing back the arts, something I’ve been thinking about and have several ideas on how to forward this endeavor.

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