Letters to the editor: April 8, 2021

Recall Newsom, or nah?

I’ll start this by saying that I am neither Democrat nor Republican. The whole two-party politico smoke and mirrors nauseates me. I am a NPP (No Party Preference) registered voter.

Now, regarding the Gavin Newsom recall: If any party’s governor came in to Butte County without notifying the sheriff or local media and stood among the still-smoldering ashes of the Bear Fire (which claimed lives) and spewed their political agenda of climate change, I would support their recall on that alone. This governor—a product of the Brown, Pelosi, Newsom, Getty family alliance—should be, without a doubt, ousted.

Ken Mack

It might seem strange were it not so typical that those who most loudly decried the last couple of impeachments, who fulminate over “cancel culture” and say, “We can’t afford to do that!” are flocking to become recallistas. People who, pre-pandemic, thought home-schooling was quite the thing are all a-bristle over the pace of schools reopening.

I heard one recallista denouncing Californians as “brain dead.” I would wager she was incensed by President Biden’s “Neanderthal thinking” comment, though he was referring to the actions of two GOP governors.

Speaking of GOP governors, throughout the pandemic, watching them has been like watching fish flop on a dock. Sure, Governor Newsom might have done some things differently. His bare-faced dinner party counts as stepping in it, but unlike some, he neither doubled down on his bad behavior nor berated the press for reporting on it. He owned his mistake and apologized.

The expense of a special election is one we don’t need. The folks vying for Newsom’s job don’t bring what California needs. I pray that we are wise enough to reject the failed policies of those who want to recall Gavin Newsom.

Charles Barnes
Forest Ranch

Speaking of recalls

So the Trumpies are initiating another recall, this time against local school board members. One of the reactionaries on the CUSD board inspires right-wing parents to move against board members who believe in public education. Like the camel who gets his nose under the tent, Matt Tennis and his followers would upset the structure that has moved Chico forward for decades.

Don’t be fooled by this insidious group. Perhaps Tennis should be recalled, as he will only be a disruption to the educational process.

Robert Woods
Forest Ranch

Poem for empathy

Gift Undiscovered
We’ll open the door for someone carrying a tray,
And wish them, “Have a g’day.”
If someone’s carrying their everything undone,
their very sight’s a fright.
All we’ve got is, “DIAL 911!”

How sad to miss the opportunity,
to acknowledge their identity,
and know the gift of their gratitude;
talents undiscovered, and unused,
when their survival’s on the line,
can desperation be far behind?

Charles Withuhn

Progress vs. regression

The horrendous way the Chico City Council is (not) dealing with Chico’s homeless crisis is sucking much of the oxygen from public discussions while, at the same time, great initiatives are underway such as the Guaranteed Healthcare for All (AB 1400) bill in the state Legislature.

In addition to the 20 Assembly members and state senators who cosponsored this California Nurses Association-written bill, mayors from across the state are passing resolutions supporting AB 1400 and joining the national Mayors for Medicare for All formed by the mayors of Long Beach and Oakland. If the sensible, previous council majority—which passed a resolution supporting Medicare for All at their last meeting in 2020—had remained in majority, Chico’s mayor would probably join this organization.

Elections matter. Let’s hope that Chico residents vote looking forward, instead of from fear, in the next election.

Bruce McLean

‘We are not over this’

Last Saturday, I was sitting at Beach Hut Deli as a group of approximately 15 college-aged folks walked in for beer. No masks. No social distancing. No regard for others they were walking by. The shop is small, and there was no concern for the employees there, either.

Not to get on a soap box, but how is it lucky young college people who get to this town can be so oblivious to the circumstances we are currently in? Is it because they don’t live here permanently? Would they be so flagrant in their own towns with their own families? I venture not.

We are not over this yet folks! And our town of Chico is trying very hard to open up.

Please, for the love of God, stay home if you cannot be concerned for others. Our town is hard to earn a living in, especially now! We all, including the students, need to show some respect and act like mature caring people. Just stop, please.

Tawny Vernau

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