Streetalk: Planning a “COVID summer” do-over?

Photo by Kiran Foster (via Flickr)

Asked in downtown Chico.

Gary Melser
We had a cruise to Europe canceled last October that’s been rescheduled to this coming October. So, not canceled altogether. They just gave us credit for another one.

Sophie Redlin
A lot of travel mostly. I’m from the U.K., and I was trying to get to South America last year and couldn’t get there. I’m still trying to get there at the moment, which is why I’m here staying with friends.

Jeff Juliano
downtown ambassador
There were a bunch of festivals and stuff canceled last summer—High Sierra got canceled. I’m not sure if they’re back this year.

Bryce Dunnaway
I was in the [Butte College] paramedic class and that got canceled. There’s a lottery to get into the class, kinda like the nursing program, and I got in, but they wiped all the names when the class got canceled. So I’m just applying again hoping to get in this time.

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