Streetalk: Will you get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Spencer Copper
I’ll get it if I have to, but I’m not going to go out of my way to get it.

Mark Gonzalez (on the left)
access control
Got both of them. We just got our second shot today. The first one was a real sore arm. I’m not sure on the second one—we just got it a few hours ago. I heard you get sick the next day for a day. It beats dying, right?

Candace Garcia
hair stylist
I don’t really care for it, but if it helps everything get back to normal I’ll do it.

Kian Betts
carpenter/recording arts student
I’m waiting to get mine as soon as it becomes available to me. I’m not sure when it’s gonna be. My parents are just now getting their second dose and they’re 65, so it’s quite a ways to get down to me.

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