Streetalk: How do you feel about President Biden’s plans for the country?

Asked in downtown Chico.

Annie Fischer
I’m definitely much more optimistic. I feel that we’re at least in a situation where things can progress and I’m hopeful. Obviously things won’t be perfect overnight, but overall I think it’s going to be a much better four years for a lot of people than the last four have been.

Killian Grayson
freelance artist
I don’t know. I’m not political at all. I didn’t even know we were getting a new president.

Carter Cook
I feel good about it. Probably not an answer you’re gonna hear from a lot of people in town, but I feel good.

Robert Farris
land management
I think it’s always been a puppet show, and Biden represents a better side of the coin than Trump did.

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  1. Deeply concerned about direction that Mr.Biden is taking this nation and immediately changing without question even the beneficial things put in place before he took his oath. We are expected to pick up the expense for all the changes while at the same time families are being hit severely economically. Where is our State of Union information and the needed press talks while all the EO’s are flying out of the Oval Office? Why all the sanitizing of free speech, rights, opinions and the suppression of literature and history? Why aren’t we seeing a strong working relation between Judical, legislative and executive branches of government that people expect under our constitution? Many are worried about who is in control and the coordinated plans for our nation. We need to be united as a people and able to appreciate each other as these changes take place in our nation and with our relationship with foreign countries.

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