Letters to the editor: Jan. 14, 2021

Reader letters

Shelter in jail?

I’m impressed by the immense charity of the City Council opening up a homeless center at 1460 Humboldt Road! They’ve decided to be proactive in having city resources go toward bringing all of the homeless who usually sleep in the parks and housing them for the night! I’m so proud of Councilmembers Morgan, Reynolds, Coolidge, Tandon and Denlay for voting in favor of making camping in the park a misdemeanor so that they can waste money on police overtime to repeatedly book the homeless folks for the night.
Eva Willingham, Chico

Where’s the de-escalation?

Thirty-five civilians have been killed in officer-involved shootings in Butte County since 1992. About one-half of the victims were experiencing a mental crisis when killed. Your District Attorney, Michael L. Ramsey, has exonerated every killing; however, he pivoted from justified to filing charges in one case, against former Paradise Police officer Patrick Feaster. Feaster was convicted of manslaughter and served a scant 90 days in jail. Ramsey initially told the press and taxpayers that the shooting was accidental and possibly the gun was defective, but the dash camera video told the tale, and Ramsey caved.

Chico Police Department officers killed a 30-year-old man [Stephen Vest] on Oct. 14, 2020, who was having a mental crisis. The Chico police chief, Matt Madden, has told the public he is committed to following new state laws concerning the use of deadly force and de-escalation guidelines from the state’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. His officers must not have gotten the message. Actions speak louder than words.
–Scott Rushing, Ventura

Empathy for the unhoused

I was homeless after running away from St. Clairus Catholic Orphanage in Denver and traveled to most states in the union. I became sober and stopped all my wild choices to be a responsible father. I feel that my life transition through 55 years—the up and downs with alcohol and drugs and homeless experience then sobriety—gave me an ability to help with Chico’s Homeless crisis we are in now.

I have been active with AA for 40 years. I am one of volunteers available 24/7 to aide people in crisis. I learned a lot about being homeless and setting up shelters from Carl Porter, who established a shelter in Portland where people could stop in for 2-3 hours to rest and get some food.

I want to help volunteer to solve this crisis in Chico. I suggest we establish rules, but give some autonomy to help homeless people grow with gratitude, build confidence and trust in the city and themselves. Show Chico cares about them, and help this group transition though better choices, to improve their lives and see the light at the end of the tunnel—like I did to become a responsible dad.
–Aldofo Rivera, Chico

Muse in chief

“Desperate Donald’s Downfall”
There once was a liar named Donald Trump
Who was tossed out like old worthless junk.
“Get out—you’re fired!” we the people said,
Having had enough of him in Putin’s bed.
Herd immunity was Trump’s murderous plan,
do nothing but laugh at dead Americans.
While Russian hackers steal our information,
Traitor Trump went on a permanent vacation.
Playing golf at his country clubs nonstop,
The laziness of this loser is over-the-top!
WWII ended with Hitler hiding in a bunker,
And Trump is in a sand trap trying to hunker.
Fascist criminals deserve only one fate.
No mercy for those who spread racist hate.
The neo-Nazi GOP just loves Don the con.
Liar liar, pants on fire! Don’s no James Bond.
Trump is a traitor. That is perfectly clear.
January 20th: Biden-Harris are almost here.
Trump the chump will first flee to West Palm,
Then off to Moscow he’ll run—get lost, Don!
Beg for assistance from Vladimir once again.
The Orange Emperor is defeated. THE END.
–Jake Pickering, Arcata

Shine some hope

If for a moment, humanity can turn our minds away from the sorrow of COVID-19. Please, for a time, take our eyes off the anger and hate that simmers across the world. We are a people in need of guidance in how the world can obtain peace before it is too late. Our Earth is dying under our feet, on our watch, while people across the world bicker and fight with each other. It is time for humanity to live in peace. Please find the heart, compassion, strength, courage and wisdom to do so. Look to the sparkle in the eyes of humanity. Our light helps show the way to peace.
–Danny Dean, Manteca


In last month’s print edition (“Local heroes,” Dec. 10, 2020), no credit was given for the mural featured on the cover of the issue. The two-story “Love, Safety, Respect, Support” painting in downtown Chico was created by Jed Speer in cooperation with Catalyst Domestic Violence Services. The CN&R apologizes for the omission.

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