Streetalk: Hope or dread?

(Photo by vallgall, via Flickr)

Asked in downtown Chico.

Madeline Mahoney
direct care worker
I’m on the side of hope. The further we go away from the initial shock of change, the more we’re able to adapt to it. With the [COVID] spike happening now, I think a lot of people are able to adapt differently than at first where it was a little bit harder to imagine what you do when everybody’s getting sick. Now we know what to do. We’ve done it.

Jayna Feldman,
I have hope. I have optimism. I’m excited to get shot up with that [coronavirus] vaccine. I think right now around the holidays is really scary so I’m looking forward to getting past the spike that’s inevitably going to happen after Christmas.

Carissa Lagnese
food service
More hope. I’ve personally had a rough year, honestly, and I think things are going to be moving forward more now that I’m [in Chico].

Pat Hull
(pictured with son, Noah)
Well, can I do option C? I’ve been reading this guy, Stephen Jenkinson, and he works in palliative care with people who are dying. He adapted this [term] “home free.” He likes to remain home free. He’s not hopeful or hopeless. He doesn’t have any hope at all. Whatever is gonna come to us is what’s gonna happen; try not to put any expectation on it.

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