Streetalk: What do you think about Trump’s election fraud allegations?

(Photo by Erik Hersman, via Flickr)

Asked in downtown Chico

Paul Lampright
business owner
I think there’s plenty of evidence of election fraud and voter fraud. The authorities should take a look at that.

Lee Morseey
I’ve heard about that. I don’t care. You can put “IDK.”

Jake Sprecher
event booking
What’s left to think? I mean, you’re trying to rationalize the mindset of a
literal insane person.

Joshua Chambers
computer programmer
Since the 1990s, these black box voting machines have been very susceptible to cheating, and I think cheating is the modus operandi on both sides. Even though the mainstream media doesn’t want to admit it, there do appear to be some legitimate claims of voter fraud, but both sides cheat every single opportunity they get.

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  1. Here is yet more reference to the folly of a lying president. 20,000 + lies in 5 years. I watched the ‘interview’ with Doug Lamalfa on Chris Cuomo. It was tragic A month after locals reelected cryin’Doug, he betrays his oath of office to support and defend the constitution. Note, nothing in the oath of office says defend and/or support a lying president. Lamalfa needs to be as big a man as he is a cheat to his office and leave.

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