Council pays

City of Chico settles Mark Herrera suit

Screen grab from online feed of 2018 Chico City Council meeting when Mark Herrera was arrested.

The city of Chico agreed to a $50,000 settlement with Mark Herrera, a former park commissioner and City Council candidate, who sued in 2018 after then-Mayor Sean Morgan ordered police officers to remove him from City Council Chambers during Herrera’s public comments to the council.

With the settlement, reached in October and finalized last week, the city does not admit to “any liability” but avoids litigation. The funds come from city coffers, not an insurer.

Herrera’s lawsuit stems from a council meeting (see “Heat from the dais,” Newslines, May 18, 2018) in which he criticized the city’s priorities and called the founder of a local political group a “human paraquat.” Chico police subsequently arrested him, but he was released with no charges after a night in jail.

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