Streetalk: Who’s your pick— living or dead—for president?

Asked in downtown Chico

Leonel Castillo-Ferreyra
cashier/front of house
Noam Chomsky. I’ve been reading a few of [his] books and first, he’s a linguistics professor [emeritus] at MIT, and then he started writing about politics so he knows a lot about money in politics and things that don’t get reported on.

Brett Warren
Marcus Aurelius. He had the choice to have complete control, but he separated the Roman Empire into sections so there was not one person in power, but three people in power. And plus, he was a philosopher.

Rebecca Charles
I feel like we need FDR back. [He had] this warm, fatherly, encouraging “let’s all gather together” feel. He balanced the needs of the many with the imperative for order and power. And he had a good heart as well as mind for getting America through a crisis.

Jeffrey Fox
web designer
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If he could come back. Everyone’s like, “Yeah!” Both sides, right? I feel that he would connect the two sides, unite people and have great ideas. He always did.

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