Streetalk: Can you share something positive?

Asked in downtown Chico.

Hester Winchester
working mother
[Schools have] a better plan for distance learning than I thought they would. My daughter just started high school. When she was in eighth grade, those last few months, she didn’t do well at all. But this year, whatever they’re doing, she’s up and at it and doing it, so whatever they’re doing is working.

Ashlee Bischoff
My best friend just got engaged. She and her fiancé never got time together since they were working far apart, so quarantine brought them closer and now they’re engaged.

Ruben Garcia
Keep your head up. I know it’s something that we can’t control—that’s mother nature—we just need to keep each other safe.

Boaz Clunie
There’s no plague of locusts yet.

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  1. I spent five weeks, homeless, and no clue whether I had a house or not. I desperately wanted to know had a house because I could not take a first forward without knowing where I stood. I finally got to view my house but all I had was ash. I poked around long enough to ruin my shoes, then when the neighborhood buzzards started soaring above me, I decided it was time to move. I got in my car and imagined going to my wife and daughter and realized the fire only touched “things” and what mattered more were my family

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