Newsprint art show

A CN&R exhibit featuring artists creating during COVID times

One of the many cruel realities of sheltering in place during the coronavirus
pandemic is the fact that, while many artists have had more time at home and in studios, the galleries and cafes that normally host them are not open for in-person viewings of the work they’ve created.

Local venues—such as the 1078 Gallery, Museum of Northern California Art and Chico Art Center—are making do with online-only exhibits that are a great lifeline, if not quite as satisfying of an experience.

Newsprint isn’t a proper substitute either, but it is something physical. So with the intention of getting more works in front of the eyes of the community, the Chico News & Review has put together this small group exhibit to rescue some lockdown art from quarantine and get it into your hands. Pick up a print edition today, or just enjoy the online slideshow below.

  • Christian Garcia, “New World Order” (spray paint, watercolor, acrylics on mural paper)

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