Arts DEVO: Three day weekend?

"Butcher Shop," by Haley Hughes
Jason Cassidy

We live in this naturally beautiful place where creative exploration and having a good time can become a way of life. The Butcher Shop, for me, is the ultimate celebration of that, where Chico’s extended tribe gathers by the thousands in one spot to drink beer and watch a bunch of weird original theater, music and art.

Let that sink in, if you can bear it. That was from last year’s column when Arts DEVO was anticipating the 2019 edition of the annual Labor Day Weekend theater/arts festival at the End of Normal. Can you imagine how intense the experience would be if we could all come together this weekend after nearly half a year of COVID-induced separation? It might be too much of an emotional release. Just seeing each other would create a blubbering wailing sea of raw humanity. We’d be bruised from all the hugging. All kegs would run dry in an hour. Performers would literally levitate. Several children would be conceived. No one would go home until dawn.

Chico might need the Butcher Shop now more than ever, and even though we can’t gather in an orchard-side meadow in person this year, the show is still happening. Slow Theatre is producing pre-recorded videos of the various segments and will be debuting the show Sept. 5 and Sept. 6, at 8 p.m., on their Facebook page and YouTube channel. Plus, at the same days and times, there will be a socially distanced drive-in movie screening of the show (tickets $25; follow the Slow Theatre on Facebook for location info).

This year’s theme is The Social Contract, which was inspired by a video monologue by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. Presentations will include an animated narrative with words and music by MC/poet/activist Himp C; a comedy set in outer space written by Johnny Lancaster; short films by Eden Martinez, and music by house band Dave the Butcher.


Anonymous ID: tiNyjoYstick Fri 28 Aug 2020 21:33:16

From Q*bert Patriot

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Where Goes Q*bert Goes Us All

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