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Submissions for Windows Into the World exhibit now accepted

In Fairbanks, Alaska, there are moose in someone’s driveway licking salt in the snow. A sleepy dog is splayed out on a patio as the sun sets in Australia. Looking down from a high-rise apartment, the streets of Dubai are completely empty.

These views come from the recently created View From My Window Facebook group (which already has more than 700,000 members!) that features images of what people all over the world see outside their windows as they shelter in place. Many of the views are incredible and a lot more exotic looking than any that could be captured from local homes (how many people could possibly live on a tropical coastline!?).

But there are plenty of interesting scenes, big and small, in Butte County, and the Chico Art Center wants to see them.

For its open-entry Windows Into the World digital exhibit (opening May 9), the local gallery seeks “your ‘view’ of the colors, textures, shadows, silhouettes, reflections, objects, scenes, etc. that convey your current physical and/or emotional state. Your image can be a literal view from your window, an interpretive response of your emotional life, or a view you would like to see.”

Original works can be photos or videos of the scene or of original works in any medium.

Visit the center’s website for more info and to upload your entries by April 26.

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