Disco party in your living room

Dance in place with Astronaut Ice Cream’s new concert film

Astronaut Ice Cream (photo by Jeff Shaner)

What do you miss most as you wait out the coronavirus? If the answer is dancing, then Chico disco-pop duo Astronaut Ice Cream has solved one of your problems.

Guitarist Kirt Lind and singer/beat-maker Heather Marie Ellison recently set up on a patio on a ranch in Capay and performed a nine-song set of the band’s happy, energetic tunes for a 32-minute Live at Babbitt Ranch concert. It’s a multi-camera production filmed by local photographer/actor/artist Joey Moshiri, edited by Lind and uploaded it to the Astronaut Ice Cream YouTube channel.

The band announced the release on Facebook, with the message: “In this challenging time, it felt restorative for us to share this concert, and maybe watching it can be uplifting for you too.”

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