Coronavirus mythbusting

Misinformation about COVID-19 seems to be spreading even faster than the coronavirus. Scientists are racing to learn all they can about it, but many knowledge gaps remain—and self-proclaimed “experts” keep jumping into the breach. Thanks to the internet, unscientific theories abound. Here, we invoke the spirit of TV’s MythBusters and correct some misconceptions.

Garlic does not prevent coronavirus. Nor does vitamin C or other immunity-boosting remedies; they just fortify your body’s defenses.

Flu vaccine does not protect against coronavirus. Influenza variants and COVID-19 are unrelated viruses.

Kids are susceptible. While the elderly and medically fragile are most vulnerable, anyone can contract COVID-19; younger people just are more likely to carry the disease than get seriously ill.

Hand driers and hot baths are not effective for prevention. The best way to eliminate viruses—which could reach your eyes, nose or mouth through touching—is frequently and thoroughly washing your hands.

Sources: World Health Organization, Harvard Medical School