Childhood trauma tips

In the aftermath of the Camp Fire, we’re all suffering from the loss of Paradise and neighboring communities—some of us much more than others. While some families may be able to return to their normal routines, others are contending with property loss, housing uncertainties and financial hardships. With an estimated 3,500 school-age children directly affected, special attention should be given to young victims and the trauma they are suffering. Their day-to-day functionality and recovery will be heavily influenced by how their parents and caregivers cope. Follow these tips to help alleviate stress and trauma:

Provide a safe and stable environment.

Model calm behavior and a hopeful outlook.

Provide honest and accurate answers to your child’s questions, appropriate to their developmental level.

Be patient when addressing behavioral swings.

Establish a reassuring daily routine and structure.

Nurture your own well-being and emotional health.

Check to find additional information and resources.

Source: National Center for Child Traumatic Stress