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Self parody?

This story was originally published in the Reno News & Review. With Asteroid City, writer-director Wes Anderson continues to show he’s lost his way after his first misfire, 2021’s The French Dispatch. He’s suddenly become […]


‘Songs of peace’

Russian icon Boris Grebenshchikov’s music, like the man himself, is enigmatic. It is sometimes playful, often poignant, and always poetic; rebellious, yet reverential; and rooted in Russian culture, but embracive of global influences. This multiplicity […]

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Hot dog summer

In the not-too-distant past, downtown Chico was a wiener wonderland. It used to be possible for us hot dog fiends, at reasonable and even unreasonable hours, to find a fix within a few block radius […]

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Hot tomato

It’s May, and the initial tomato frenzy has died down. The nurseries have sold the bulk of their tomato starts, and most are likely in the ground, already showing several blossoms. Your tomato plants no […]

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Art in the machine

At first glance, the rows of square, ceramic tiles laid out across two tables inside Idea fab Labs (IFL) look fairly similar: saturated, black-and-white designs vaguely resembling asymmetrical Rorschach images. A closer look, however, revealed […]

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Basketball diary

And the seasons they go round and round—Joni Mitchell December, 1891, the YMCA International Training School, Springfield, Massachusetts. It’s cold, northeastern-U.S. cold, and the association’s young Christian men need a way to work out indoors […]

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Art on two wheels

This feature is part of the CN&R’s 2023 Bike Issue. To coincide with the Wildflower Century bike ride in Butte County (April 30) and National Bike Month (in May), the subject is bicycles for the […]