Read aloud the poem below, yelling the word “Corndog!” every time it appears: CORNDOG!Corndog!amber brownCorndog!perfect coreCorndog!what are we eating?Corndog!what are we rooting for?Corndog!got a bad taste in your mouth?Corndog!you know what will get it outCorndog!down […]

Arts & Culture

Virtual icons

Altogether, Chico Art Center (65), The Bookstore (44) and Pageant Theatre (40) have been around for a total of 149 years. While the future remains uncertain for all businesses and nonprofit groups, these three local […]


C’mere, Chico

“Socially distant” is not how Arts DEVO rolls. When I greet Chico, I go in for the hug. I am, of course, following the COVID-19 stay-at-home guidelines by removing myself from the public sphere and […]


The show goes online

Virtual greetings, Quaranchico. The Chico News & Review is back (Arts DEVO, too!). Well, sort of. The newspaper racks are empty. Print publication is still suspended indefinitely as we wait out the coronavirus pandemic, so […]